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American Spas™ are designed with your complete relaxation and enjoyment in mind. Our luxury hydrotherapy takes you away from the stresses of everyday life to a place of pure tranquility. When you buy an American Spa™, you also buy a peace of mind knowing that your spa has undergone rigorous safety and quality testing to ensure years of enjoyment for you and your family. Bring an American Spa™ into your home today and discover relaxation beyond anything you have ever experienced before.


A Quality Hot tub is an investment you deserve to have the right information to make an educated decision. We cover how and where your spa will be delivered and additional information.


Do you have American Spas Show Rooms?

Fortunately, we are an online exclusive spa line. This keeps our line up cost effective. Click links below to see our spa lineups!
link American-Spa Showroom

Where & How will my spa be delivered?

Our spas all come with curbside Delivery. Meaning the spa will be dropped off at the end of your driveway. Spas are delivered on their side on a pallet and are wrapped in protective plastic. Be sure to coordinate trash and debris removal, as there will be a leftover wooden pallet and lots of wrapping materials.


How do I move my spa in?

Contact your local Spa mover (your spa will be heavy 800 to 1000 pounds) and for a 220v Spa Certified Electrician is Necessary. Coordinate and schedule with the contactors to coincide service on your delivery date.

For more information please download our Pre-Delivery guide: picture_as_pdf


Luxury in Your Own Backyard

Your own backyard paradise is finally within reach with American Spas™. With luxury hydrotherapy and elegant features, American Spas™ hot tubs instantly transform any backyard into a relaxing paradise. Our relaxing hot tubs provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life by providing a place to unwind and treat sore muscles after a long day.


Installation Recommendation

You probably have a spot picked out for your new spa, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, on a patio or on a deck. Here we will review some of the most important information you need to keep in mind.

Always put your spa on a structurally sound, level surface. A filled spa can weigh a great deal. Make certain that the location you choose can support the weight of your filled spa. No matter where you install your new spa, it’s important that you have a solid foundation to support it. Damage caused by inadequate or improper foundation support is not covered by the warranty. It is the responsibility of the spa owner to provide a proper foundation for the spa.

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There are several considerations when installing your spa outdoors.

  1.  Avoid selecting a site where excessive water may contact the spa, such as sprinklers or a roof edge without rain gutters.
  2.  Avoid areas of direct, prolonged sunlight (if possible). The ultraviolet rays may fade or damage the spa cover and cabinet.
  3.  Check all applicable national and local codes regarding possible restrictions that require fencing or childproof gates around the spa.
  4.  Prevent dirt, sand, and foliage from being tracked into your spa by utilizing concrete, concrete pavers, or stone for paths and access areas (or, avoid positioning your spa in an area where debris will be tracked into the spa). Check the location of trees and spill paths from gutters to determine if wind or rain will sweep debris into your spa.
  5.  Consider your view and your privacy during all seasons of the year so your experience in your outdoor spa will be enhanced rather than limited. NOTE: Typical outdoors surfaces include, but are not limited to concrete, brick, non-slip tile, wood decking, pea gravel, or sand.

Indoor installation.
Be aware of some special requirements if you place your spa indoors. Water will accumulate around the spa, so flooring materials must provide a good grip when wet. Proper drainage is essential to prevent a build-up of water around the spa. When building a new room for the spa, it is recommended that a floor drain be installed. The humidity will naturally increase with the spa installed. Water may get into woodwork and produce dryrot, mildew, or other problems. Check for airborne moisture’s effects on exposed wood, paper, etc. in the room. To minimize these effects, it is best to provide plenty of ventilation to the spa area. An architect can help to determine if more ventilation must be installed

Clearance for Service Access
While you are planning where to locate your spa, you need to determine how much access you will need for service. American Spas require access to the front of the spa for periodic service. For this reason, the spa should never be placed in a manner where the front is permanently blocked. Examples include placing the front of the spa against a building, structural posts or columns, or a fence. If you are planning to enclose or surround your spa with a deck, make sure there is access for service or repair.

Electrical Service Stub-up
The location of the electrical service cable is a decision each spa owner needs to decide. Running the electrical cable lay on top of the slab is visually unappealing and can present a trip hazard. Most spa owners prefer to bury electrical conduit before the slab is laid and run the cable up through the slab. The location of the conduit in the concrete slab is called the stub-up. You will need to have a contractor lay down a concrete slab before the spa is delivered (as described on page 2). The stub-up needs to be located directly next to the cabinet as shown in the figures below. The spa installer or electrician will need to drill a hole in the spa cabinet approximately 5” to 10” up from the concrete slab. This will be where the conduit will enter the spa equipment area. Use rigid pipe and a metal elbow outside the spa. You can use flex pipe inside the equipment area to run the electrical wire from the elbow to the control box.

Special Circumstances
The use of a crane for delivery and installation may become necessary if you are unable to provide an adequate delivery route. It is used primarily to avoid injury to your spa, your property or to delivery personnel. Your spa dealer may be able to assist you with the arrangements. If your spa delivery requires the use of a crane, the cost of a crane is generally not included in the standard delivery service.

For more information please download our Pre-Delivery guide: picture_as_pdf

F. A. Q.


For frequently asked questions or concerns take look at this simple list to help you. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact Customer Services.

Common Questions:

Do you have American Spas Show Rooms?

Fortunately, we are an online exclusive spa line. This keeps our line up cost effective.
link American-Spa Showroom

Where will my spa be delivered?

Our spas all come with curbside Delivery. Meaning the spa will be dropped off at the end of your driveway.

How will my spa be delivered?

Spas are delivered on their side on a pallet and are wrapped in protective plastic. Be sure to coordinate trash and debris removal as there will be a leftover wooden pallet and lots of wrapping materials.

How do I move my spa in?

Contact your local Spa mover and for a 220v Spa Certified Electrician. Coordinate and schedule with the contactors to coincide service on your delivery date

Is it difficult to maintain a clean spa?

American Spas™ hot tubs come with a state-of-the-art filtration system that makes having clean water for your soaks a painless task. Follow the simple maintenance steps included in your owner’s manual to properly test the chemical levels in your spa. These tests are quick and easy and will ensure continued enjoyment of your American Spas™ hot tub for years to come.

Does a spa need to be drained and refilled for each use?

No. Drainage and refilling are typically done every three to four months depending on the number of soakers, frequency of use and proper water treatment.

Is it better to place the spa inside or outside?

Indoor spa installations typically cost more, which is one of the reasons why most hot tubs are placed outside. Structural considerations include making sure your indoor property can accommodate the weight of the hot tub and provide humidity ventilation. Additionally, check with your area’s building department for any indoor spa building codes. American Spas™ offers an alternative to building your spa inside by enabling you to build your spa outside within a spa enclosure or beneath a villa or gazebo.

Is any plumbing required for my American Spas™ hot tub?

All above-ground American Spas™ hot tub comes pre-plumbed. Just add water.

What are the electrical requirements for a spa?

If you own a 240V spa, it must be hardwired to the power supply by an electrical contractor and approved by a local building/electrical inspector. The “Plug and Play” Spas are simple to hook-up, your house is already equipped with 110V electrical, just plug in and your spa is ready to go! Contact your local American Spas™ dealer for more information.

Are all equipment packs internal?

All above-ground spas discreetly hide the equipment pack from view within the spa cabinetry.

What happens if I forget to turn off my spa after using it?

American Spas™ hot tubs have sophisticated equipment packs that have auto-shut off timers. Your spa will turn itself off after 15 minutes.

Are there any concerns with having children or older people in the hot tub?

Children should never be allowed in the hot tub without adult supervision. Additionally, children under 10 years should not be allowed in water temperature above 98°F. Older spa soakers should also keep temperatures below 104.

What are the benefits of owning a spa?

In addition to possibly increasing property value without increasing property taxes, owning a American Spas™ hot tub has many health and lifestyle benefits, such as increased blood circulation, pain relief and more restful sleep. Experience this life changing event for yourself and contact your local American Spas™ dealer today!


Sparkling Clean!

Keeping your spa clean and well-maintained is easier than you think. Watch our guide to learn about common tasks involved in spa ownership and experience years of relaxation and enjoyment in your spa!



Plan plan plan..

We highly recommend that you hire a professional spa mover and a licensed certified electrician in preparation for your delivery date. Items such as spas and spa covers are too large for most package delivery services..




Wellness Achieved with

A spa is an investment, and worth every penny. If you’ve thought of it just as a luxury, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that owning a spa can significantly improve your overall wellness. We often see Health and Wellness grouped together, and while the two words do go hand in hand on the path to overall wellbeing, they don’t mean the same thing. Wellness is the action; it is what we do to achieve health. Health is the outcome what is achieved if we practice wellness.

American Spas promotes wellness through a combination of warm water therapy and massage. Regular time in the spa addresses physical and emotional wellness by soothing the body and the mind at the same time, reducing stress and promoting better sleep. This same hot water therapy has the health benefits of alleviating pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and scoliosis. Owning an American Spa means you’re making an investment in your health and well being, especially if you use it on a regular basis. The benefits to your mental and physical health and social connectivity contribute to a better life every day.