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AM-745-L-W (Aqua)



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Product Features

Are you looking for your sanctuary of wellness? Well, look no further, American Spas' Aqua AM745L-W will provide you the ultimate relaxation with the full power of hydrotherapy all-in-one.
The AQUA AM745L-W 6-person 7-feet spa comes with LED Waterfall, Ozone Sanitization, Thermo-Shield Insulation, Cover and so much more! American Spas' full lounger seats with hand jets will allow your body to relax while massaging your entire back and feet. Aqua 745L-W is equipped with powerful 6 brake horsepower pump with 5.5 KW Titanium heater for exceptional performance and reliability. Create your own place of paradise everyday with American Spas Aqua AM745L-W.


  Seating Capacity 6
  Shell Colors White
  Dimensions (W x L x H) 84" x 84" x 36"
  Dry Weight - Lbs. (Kilograms) 800 (363 kg)
  Filled Weight - Lbs. (Kilograms) 4,340 (1,969 kg)
  Water Capacity - Gal. (Liters) 425 (1,609 L)
  Eliminator High Performance™ Pump
  BHP = Brake Horsepower / HP=Continuous Duty Horsepower
1 x 6.0 BHP
( 1 x 3.0 HP )
  Operating Voltage 240V
  Exclusive Stainless Steel Jets: (Halo & Rain) 45
  Water Feature 3.5" Adjustable Waterfall
  2" Diverter Valve Yes (1)
  Gate Valves Yes
  Air Venturi Valve Yes (2)
  Bio-Clean™ Teleweir Filter System (SQR) 50 sqft
  LED Spa Light 5" Multi-Color LED
  Whisper Power Unit™ with Digital Topside Control VS300 System AM 1P Oval Topside
  HydroClear™ Ozonator Yes
  iShield-Insulation: Thermo-Shield +™ Yes
  WhisperHot™ Heating System 5.5 kW Titanium
  Pressure Treated Cabinet Frame Yes
  Preferred™ Cabinet Panel Smoke
  4" to 2.5" Hydro-Armor™ Spa Cover Slate
  UL , CEC and VGB Approved Yes